Korea Makeup Masterclass - By Oh Seo Young - Director of Korea Celebrity Makeup Salon

Clients include Lee Min Ho, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Young Ae, Kim Tae Hee, Ahn Jae Wook, F(x) and many more

Korean style makeup has won the world over with their creative and trendy styles, while perfecting the Natural Look with dewy skin and minimalistic makeup effects.

Many makeup artistes have tried to follow the trend, but the effect just always seem to be lacking somewhere. Is it with the foundation application technique, the eye brows that so many struggle with, or the effortless looking hairstyling?

Get your questions answered by learning from the best in the Korean makeup industry!

For the very first time, a leading celebrity makeup artiste - Oh Seo Young, is specially invited by La Belle Couture Weddings and IDO Wedding, to conduct a Korean Makeup Masterclass. (An interpreter will be available)

A highly sought after speaker and trainer, she has also lectured at the following establishments and taken on various roles:

Designer’s Club Model Academy, CI Entertainment, Model Center, SOHO Make-up School, Korea Beauty Art School (Full-time Professor), China 新生活 Cosmetic, Samsung SDS and many more!

Her list of A list celebrities and prestigious clientele propels her to be one of the most influential figures in Korea:

Popular celebrity - 공유 Gong Yoo

Popular celebrity - 권상우 Kwon Sang-woo

Popular celebrity - 김태희 Kim Tae-hee

Popular celebrity - 안재욱 Ahn Jae-wook

Popular celebrity - 이영애 Lee Young-ae

Popular celebrity - Lee Min Ho

Popular group - f(x)

What you will learn:

Course Schedule: 10 - 12 August 2015

Day 1:
9am - 1pm
- Latest Korean Make-up
What is new and in trend? Are you ahead of the rest or following outdated trends?
- Plastic Surgery Make-up
What is behind the magic of Plastic Surgery Makeup? What are the techniques you need to take note of to achieve the effect of plastic surgery and wow your clients?

2pm - 4pm
- Special Contouring Makeup Techniques
Learn the closely guarded secrets of Korean superstars to find out how their faces always look perfect not just on screen, and in person!

4pm - 6pm
Private VIP Session - Only for VIP ticket holders. Get up close and personal with the trainer and get your burning questions answered in this private training session.

Day 2:
9am - 1pm
- Korean Wedding Makeup
Find out what is in trend for Wedding Makeup in Korea. What are the key elements to perfecting the Korean Wedding Bride style? What must you take note of and the most common mistakes novice makeup artistes make when they attempt to recreate the Korean Wedding Style.

2pm - 4pm
- Korean Celebrity Makeup
Rule in the world of high fashion and superstars! Learn the insider techniques in always creating the perfect moment. Master your skills and know what to look out for and how to handle the following:
- Magazine shoot / Photo shoot
- Fashion shows
- Music Videos

4pm - 6pm
Private VIP Session - Only for VIP ticket holders. Get up close and personal with the trainer and get your burning questions answered in this private training session.

Day 3:
9am - 3pm
- Korean Style - Hair and Styling
- Classic and simple volume up-styles
- Red carpet pony tail and makeup
- Korean wedding trends in hair styling

4pm - 6pm
Private VIP Session - Only for VIP ticket holders. Get up close and personal with the trainer and get your burning questions answered in this private training session.

Who should attend?

1) You are currently a professional makeup artiste and want to improve your skills in learning the latest trends in makeup and take your skills to the next level
2) You have some foundation in makeup are interested in learning the techniques to perfecting the Korean makeup look
3) You are considering a career in professional makeup and need more credentials and to learn from actual industry veterans for a better career path

What do you need to bring?

You are encouraged to bring your makeup equipment that you will usually use. The trainer will go through your items with you and help you analyse and give you suggestions on the most suitable equipment to use.

This is not a course where you are required to buy new tools. You will also not be pressured to buy any products. This course if purely focused on enhancing your skills with your existing tools.

About the trainer:

Oh Seo Young

Her extensive list of work has been critically acclaimed by the best in the fashion and celebrity world.

Fashion Show

Channel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Moschino, Cartier, Bali, Flora, Joop, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger,

2004 Seoul Collection, 2004 Miss Korea Seoul, 2004 MBC Wedding Fair, 만다리나덕, BMW,

CHRYSLER, ROLLS ROYCE, Jaguar, Volkswagen, LANDROVER, Asian Game Uniform Show


Celebrity Clients

Actor & Actress : 이민호(Lee Min Ho), 권상우(Kwon Sang Woo), 김태희(Kim Tae Hee),

강동원(Kang Dong Won), 공유(Kong U), 안재욱(An Jae Wook), 김효진(Kim Hyo Jin),

이동건(Lee Dong Gun), 김래원(Kim Rae Won), 송재림(Song Jae Lim), 안성기, 휘황, 김지훈,

류수영, 차인표, 정보석, 이세인, 최여진, 김현준, 여욱환, 박시현, 이윤지, 이제니, 서지영, 소이,

서하준, 고경표, 배다해, 최필립, 서효림, 이천희, 이종수, 유건


F(x), Yoon Do Hyun, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Baek Ji Young, Ha Rim, Gina, Pepper

Ston, Lady Jaine, Urban Jakpaka, Verbal Jint, 옥상달빛

MC & Entertainer & Sport Star

김병만, 김준호, 유세윤, 김기리, 장동민, 양준혁, 송종국,

송지아, 노우진, 김준현, 석주일, 석능준, 공서영, 최희, 에네스, 강소영, 이혜상, 김홍탁 디렉터,

송해나, 안혜경, 진보라, 이수지, 안나, 안소미, 이정, 정가, 안지만, 박희수(수),

스테이시, , 안바다, 아빠어디가 PD, 대감독, 부지영독(카트)

Music Videos she has worked on:

지영 - 니가 날, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB08Qyjgqf4

Infinite (우현) & Lucia (심규선) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9r19gxg6PM

에일리 & 2LSON I’m in Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s6K_R9B9Mc

스 & Sista (소유) -officially missing you too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J-


승찬 – Drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBAbTGXGorY

런치트- 가https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SErARcFr5Q

김나영 - 니말대https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWdMrbIoItE

2LSON The END (기리보이) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzop32L700




首次受邀莅临新加坡的韩国首席化妆师 Oh Seo Young,她也是韩国著名化妆学院的讲师, 例如:


课程安排:10  -  2015年8月12日

上午9时 - 下午1点
 - 韩国最新化妆
 - 整形外科化妆技巧


下午2时 - 下午4点
 - 特殊脸部轮廓化妆技巧
了解韩国巨星极力保护的秘密,学习对的技巧,让他们的脸上如何看起来总是完美。不轮时是在屏幕上或是现场活动, 都一样迷人。

下午4点 - 下午6点
私人贵宾会议 - 仅适用于VIP票持有人。近距离和讲师有近距离的接触,并获得本次非公开训练课的安排,让讲师亲自回答您的棘手问题。

上午9时 - 下午1点
 - 韩国婚礼妆面

下午2时 - 下午4点
 - 韩国明星完美妆面的技巧
 - 杂志拍摄/照片拍摄
 - 时装秀
 - 音乐视频

下午4点 - 下午6点
私人贵宾会议 - 仅适用于VIP票持有人。

上午9时 - 下午3点
 - 韩版 - 头发和造型
 - 经典和简单的风格
 - 红地毯马尾和妆面搭配
 - 韩式婚纱发型趋势

下午4点 - 下午6点
私人贵宾会议 - 仅适用于VIP票持有人。

1 )您目前是个专业化妆师,并希望提高自己的技和能学习最新趋势,化妆,把你的技巧提升到另一个更高的水平
2 )你有化妆一定的基础,也有兴趣学习更新的的技术,更完善的韩国妆容
3 )你正在考虑成为职业化妆师,需要更多的学历,并想从实际行业的资深人士身上,了解一个更好的职业发展道路



Below are more of her works featured in magazines:


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